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Cosmic Jumble (a collection of mind-bending verse)

Cosmic Jumble (a collection of mind-bending verse)

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Cosmic Jumble: A collection of mind-bending verse

From science fiction author, V.M. Andrews, we have a collection of mind-bending poetry called 'Cosmic Jumble'. Described by readers as part metaphysics and part whimsy, this collection will probably put a smile on your dial.

Reader reviews:

"I found this book of poetry the right amount of whimsy and thought-provoking. Each poem comes to life in my mind, and the tales they tell are easy to see and read. How visually stimulating they were made me smile. My favorite would have to be Cosmic Jumble, the book's namesake. It was also the longest! I could have easily read another hundred pages. I'm a fan!" - Mxtxpx

"I found these poems to be reminiscent of classic poets like Wallace Stevens and Rilke, which is to say that they are philosophical and meaningful. However, Andrews' poetry is much more accessible to today's reader. Poetry should have both beautiful language and intense meaning. In this collection, Andrews provides both." - Dylan

"A precious pocketbook collection harvested from the metaphysical musings of a mind that can travel many places and bring back deep thought. A nice book to have around when you are feeling like you need a little break from the mundane." - Joy

Additional format:

The paperback version of this book can be purchased from Amazon, worldwide, and from any other bookstore using the ISBN: 978-1919636344 

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