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  • Science fiction on alien worlds

    Set in the Pegasus Constellation, this new series of science fiction novellas follows the plight of Su'Real, a genetically engineered being who can transit from one planet to another in an instant. It's fun, until something goes terribly wrong.

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  • Science fiction techno-thrillers

    Set in the year 2120, this series of dystopian science fiction novellas are non-stop action techno-thrillers. The Gaia Machine, an A.I. that maintains order across a divided Earth, is being used to control the masses. Until one woman leads a revolution to stop it.

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  • Science fiction with a splash of eco-magic

    If you like magic, mystery, science and nature, you will love the Molly's Magical Adventures series of books. Written for anyone between the ages of 8 and 108, the series has been devoured by the young and young at heart.

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  • Mystery, thriller, and suspense

    Calder Garret is a prolific author of stories in the genre of mystery, thriller and suspense. Starting with a collection of cozy mystery short stories, he progressed to writing four novels in the hard-boiled police procedural genre. Most recently he released a medieval mystery. What will he think of next?

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  • Poetry

    From science fiction author, V.M. Andrews, we have a collection of mind-bending poetry. Described by readers as part metaphysics and part whimsy, this collection will probably put a smile on your dial.

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  • books to inspire creativity and innovation

    Books to inspire creativity and innovation

    Filled with nuggets of insight and proven methods to help readers develop their own creative process, the books in this series form a great toolkit. They introduce the reader to creativity: what it is, how it works, and how to find their own way of developing their creative practice.

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  • Author support services

    Drawing upon decades of experience of writing, publishing and marketing our books, we offer a range of support services to authors. From manuscript reviews to detailed line edits, cover designs, book formatting and coaching, we've got you sorted!

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  • creativity coaching and courses

    Creativity coaching and courses

    Did you know that creative thinking is a set of skills that can be learned? And innovation is a series of processes that can be followed? Contrary to popular belief, creativity and innovation are not restricted to the privileged few, nor are they dependent on some rare form of genius. The truth is, they are accessible to everyone, and we can prove it!

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  • coaching for entrepreneurs working in the creator economy

    Books for creative entrepreneurs

    Did you know the creator economy is currently valued at over $100 billion? And with theemergence of web 3.0, the blockchain, and various A.I. tools, it's only going to expand. For entrepreneurs, it's exciting, but with so many options, it can also be confusing. A systematic approach can help.

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