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  • Science fiction (techno-thriller)

    "The Gaia Machine" is a dystopian science fiction series of novels set in the year 2120. It's non-stop action and a techno-thriller at its core. Spanning Britain, France and Spain, the series follows the plight of Ophelia Alsop, a conscientious objector to the controls imposed the ruling elite of her time.

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  • Science fiction (with magic)

    "Molly's Magical Adventures" is a series of science fiction stories with a splash of magic. Following the plight to two plucky Australian kids who find themselves in the jungle of Papua New Guinea, the series is an epic journey through science, nature, magic and mystery. Suitable for readers between the ages of 8 and 108.

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  • Science fiction (alien worlds)

    Set in the Pegasus Constellation, this new science fiction series follows the plight of Su'Real, a genetically engineered being who can transit from one planet to another in an instant. But when there's a technical glitch in her transit, she finds herself stuck in a cold strange place with little hope of escape.

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  • Mystery, thriller and suspense

    Author Calder Garret is a prolific writer of stories in the genre of mystery, thriller and suspense. Starting with a collection of cozy mystery short stories, he progressed to writing four novels in the hard-boiled police procedural genre. Most recently he released a medieval mystery. What will he think of next!

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  • Books for creative people

    The books in our "Inspiration and Creativity" series are absolutely choc-a-block with insights, inspiration and exercises for unlocking creativity. Following the success of these books, we have brought them together into one mega book. Containing all five books in the collection, it's a one stop shop for anyone wanting to enhance their creative practice and experience a greater sense of wellbeing.

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  • Support for creative people

    Our mission is to ignite your imagination! Whether that happens through our books, artwork, coaching services or author support services, we don't mind. As long as we ignite your imagination, we're happy.

    Why? When people access their imagination, they access loads of other goodies like: happiness, optimism, and the ability to innovate. This, we know, is vital to our survival as individuals, as communities and as a species, which is why we can't stop talking about it. 

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