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Opal Tree Press

Inspiration and Creativity: The complete collection

Inspiration and Creativity: The complete collection

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Following the success of the books in the Inspiration and Creativity series, this book has been created as a 'one stop shop' for anyone wanting to enhance their creative practice. It contains all five books in the series:

1. Art for Happiness: Finding Your Creative Process And Using It
2. Top Ten Tips For Enhancing Your Creativity
3. Creative Visualization: Access Your Imagination And Enhance Your Creative Practice
4. Beyond Blue: Creative Approaches To Releasing Grief And Flying Free
5. Inspired Creativity: Insights From Experts On the Psychology Of Creativity

Download this book now and dive in. You'll discovered a treasure trove of insights about the nature of creativity, who you are as a creative person, and inspiration for enhancing your creative practice.

The paperback version of this book can be purchased from Amazon, worldwide. It can also be purchased from your local bookstore or borrowed from your library using the ISBN: 978-1739658168

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