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  • Eco-magic

    Molly and Michael are a pair of plucky Australian kids who find themselves in the jungle of Papua New Guinea. Both passionate about science and nature, they can't help exploring. From dinosaurs living inside volcanoes to a research facility in the middle of the jungle with an invisibility shield around it and a magical bird that continues to surprise them, they discover more than they could have imagined.

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  • Exploring alien worlds

    Okada, a rogue planet in the Pegasus Constellation, has a long history of harnessing its electromagnetic energy to teleport its intelligence agents to other worlds. Su'Real, one of many genetically engineered agents, has only one purpose: the covert collection of data from other worlds. Until she finds herself in the center of a transporter accident that leaves her stranded on an unknown world. The place is cold, the natives are hostile, and she is fear for her life.

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  • Dystopian science fiction

    The year is 2120. An A.I. called 'The Gaia Machine' maintains order across a divided Earth. Programed to execute the orders of the planet's Ruling Elite, it's wreaking havoc. Until one woman leads a mission to take it down. Spanning England, France, and Spain, Ophelia's mission is a strange and terrifying one. Will she be the first to pull back the digital curtain and reveal its true source of power?

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  • Mystery, thriller & suspense

    From cozy mysteries set in outback Australia to the misty lochs in medieval Scotland, you can expect the unexpected with these books.

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  • Inspiration for Artists & Dreamers

    Filled with nuggets of insight, interviews with professional artists and authors, and proven methods to help readers develop their own creative process, the books in this series form the perfect toolkit for anyone wanting to take their creative practice to the next level.

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  • Inspiration for Authors

    Written for authors, the books in this series have been meticulously curated to inspire magnificent writing. Filled with well-organized information, advice, tools, and techniques, these books have been well-received by emerging and professional writers alike.

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