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Opal Tree Press

Inspired Creativity: Insights from experts on the psychology of creativity

Inspired Creativity: Insights from experts on the psychology of creativity

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About this book

In this, the fifth book in the series, the author explores inspiration - what it is, where it comes from and how to work with it. From art and nature to childhood memories, the author explains how we can draw upon real experiences and process them in a way that is uniquely our own to generate ideas for our creative projects. Written for people with an established creative practice, or a deep yearning to embrace one, this book is alive with insights and techniques for working with dreams, the active imagination and synectics for breaking through creative blockages, getting into the zone and working magic.

Reader reviews:

"This book pulls together a lot of information and insight that is extremely helpful to anyone who tries to live a creative life. I mean, she covers every key writer and topic on the subject – Jung, Cameron, Pressfield, Csikszentmihalyi, and many others – and gives practical exercises that anyone can do to increase their sensitivity and productive capacity." - Peter

"The author takes an in-depth look at the concept of inspiration, starting from the definition and coming up with very interesting insights. But this book is not only theoretical. In fact, there are many exercises that can be practiced by everyone, especially those who want to develop their creative minds. Overall a recommended read." - AGR

"This is the third book I am reading by the author and I can say, as a creative person who adores reading about creativity and the mind, these books are absolutely fantastic. I am using them in my own research and my own projects and will have them around for when I feel like I need a little burst of inspiration. So grateful for these books!" - Joy

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