Collection: Molly's Magical Adventures: An eco-magic series

Molly and Michael are a pair of plucky Australian kids who find themselves exploring the jungle in Papua New Guinea. Both passionate about science and nature, they're almost beside themselves with excitement every time they see a new plant or animal.

It's not until they encounter weird stuff like dinosaurs living inside volcanoes, and a strange research facility in the middle of the jungle with an invisibility shield around it, that they sense there's more to this place than meets the eye. Whether it's science or magic, they're not quite sure but they're determined to find out.

Accompanied by a 3-meter-long lizard named Ted, and watched by a magical bird, Molly and Michael explore the connections between the strange things they've seen. It's awesome fun until they come face-to-face with the ghost man. Set on destroying the natural environment for his own gain, this evil genius must be stopped and our young heroes are the only ones up for the job.