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Creative Spirit: The course

Creative Spirit: The course

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This option is great for anyone who prefers to 'dip their toe in the water' and explore new material on their own, and at their own pace.

What you'll get from the course:

  • An understanding of the techniques used for creative visualization
  • Methods for using creative visualization to capture new insights and ideas
  • How to integrate those ideas into your creative practice
  • Fun ways of uniting your creative practice with your spiritual practice
  • Quick and easy ways of breaking through barriers to creativity
  • Free download of the course booklet
  • Free download of all books in our Inspiration & Creativity series

Why do this course?

If you're committed to developing your creativity, finding new sources of inspiration, and learning how to integrate new ideas into your creative practice, you will LOVE this course! Best of all, one purchase gives you lifetime access which means you can go back and do it as many times as you like.

We've found that people often re-visit the course because the information, advice, suggestions, and exercises it offers can be used to support anyone at any phase in their creative journey. The creative process, like life itself, is changing all the time!

What happens when you purchase this course:

When you purchase this course, you'll receive an email confirmation containing a link to access the 11 videos:

  1. Welcome from Val Andrews, creator of the course and author of the books
  2. Setting the scene: overview of the course
  3. Five questions for you to consider about your creative self
  4. Common barriers to creativity and how to handle them
  5. You, the creator: who you are and what motivates you to create
  6. Tips for protecting your inner artist
  7. Tips for getting into the creative zone fast
  8. Tips for gaining easy access to inspiration
  9. Some key dimensions of wellbeing: how to integrate them
  10. Summary: knitting it all together
  11. Case study: Val Andrews' creative journey

Your email confirmation will also contain a link to download all the notes from the course, and another link to download all the books in our 'Inspiration & Creativity' series.


Here's what some people have said about the 'Creative Spirit' course:

"It takes you on a journey of connecting your mind, body and spirit to unleash your creativity. As a creative and a therapist, I experienced great insights from this course which now help me get into the flow with ease. Val is a supportive and welcoming guide on this journey and provides valuable reflections on the things that get in the way of expressing your creativity, and how to overcome these barriers. If you’re interested in exploring your creativity, this is the place to start." (Lucille Shackleton, Therapist and Founder of Centred Self Therapy).

"If you have always wanted to explore your creative side more and/or discover your creative potential, then this course is a fantastic starting point. A brilliant step by step course that takes you on a creative journey using different tools and methods to tap into your creative inspiration and sources of creativity within you. I highly recommend this course if you've been craving a creative outlet but perhaps haven't had the confidence or put the time aside to explore it further." (Lara Doherty, Founder of The Motivation Clinic and Vision Coach).

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