Collection: Constellation Pegasus: A sci-fi series

The story world

Deep within the Pegasus Constellation is a rogue planet known to none of its neighbors. A silent and solitary giant, Okada’s mass and electromagnetic field are greater than those of any other planet in its quadrant of the galaxy. 

For millennia, Okada’s authorities have used the planet’s powerful electromagnetic field to teleport their intelligence agents to other worlds. Known as oscillators(1), these day trippers have one purpose: to collect as much sensory and observational data as possible without raising suspicion among the native populations. 

Genetically engineered beings of binary gender, these bipedal, humanoid oscillators are highly sensitive to electromagnetic energy. Known to break down at the molecular level by 100,000 axial rotations of their planet(2), oscillators are decommissioned at the earliest sign of instability. This is to ensure they do not die on a foreign world, an event that would alert those worlds to Okada's long history of espionage.

When Su'Real, an oscillator of exceptional integrity, intelligence, and curiosity decides there must be more to life than the endless cycle of obedience, everything changes. An error during teleportation results in her arrival on an unknown world with no hope of return. The place is cold and the natives are hostile. Somehow, Su'Real must survive if she is to secure true liberty for herself and her siblings.

Start with 'Transit', Book One in this new space saga.