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Molly's Magical Adventures: The complete series (books 1-4)

Molly's Magical Adventures: The complete series (books 1-4)

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The complete collection of Molly's Magical Adventures!

Molly (10 years old) and Michael (12 years old) are a pair of plucky Australian kids who find themselves in Papua New Guinea. Both passionate about science and nature, they put their super smart minds together and discover things that even the adults don't know about. From contaminated lakes to dinosaurs living inside volcanoes, and a strange research facility in the middle of the jungle, there seems to be no end to the mysteries they encounter.

Slinking between the trees, soaring through the sky on a magical bird, and riding the mycelium network under the ground, they learn more. When they finally put the pieces together, they see the connections between the strange and mysterious things they have discovered. It is only then they understand that action must be taken to preserve the people, plants and animals living in this special place. But what can a couple of kids do to change the world? You might be surprised!

Book One: The Magical Volcano - Accompanied by a three-meter-long lizard named Ted, Molly and Michael see something in the belly of a volcano.

Book Two: Jungle Magic - Following their discoveries in the volcano, Molly and Michael decide to collect a water sample from the cave inside the mine. But fate, it seems, has other plans for them.

Book Three: Adali's Magic - Adali takes Molly and Michael on an incredible journey to another dimension. The birthplace of the guardians. It’s an astonishing and mind-expanding experience that makes the kids more determined than ever to protect the natural environment from further damage.

Book Four: Magic of the Guardians - Molly and Michael only have ten days before school starts. Can they use this time to expose Symbiotica and restore balance to the natural world?

Download now and immerse yourself in a magical and mysterious adventure!

The paperback version can be purchased from Amazon, worldwide, and from any bookstore using the ISBN: 978-1919636351.

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