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Magic of the Guardians: Molly's Magical Adventures (book 4)

Magic of the Guardians: Molly's Magical Adventures (book 4)

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The exciting conclusion to Molly's Magical Adventures!

Book Four - Molly and Michael only have ten days before school starts. Can they use this time to expose Symbiotica and restore balance to the natural world? Join them as they meet the full Council of Guardians; the supreme and magical beings who have been caring for the land since Pangaea first broke up. Discover how Molly and Michael combine their super smart science minds with the magic of the guardians to finally defeat Symbiotica. And prepare yourself for the final twist as they discover the secrets behind the strange chemicals, plants and animals created by the company's evil leader—the ghost man!

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The paperback version can be purchased from Amazon, worldwide, and from your local bookstore using the ISBN: 978-1919636337.

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