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Molly's Magical Adventures (Book 1: The Magical Volcano)

Molly's Magical Adventures (Book 1: The Magical Volcano)

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Molly's Magical Adventures: Book One

On a plane from Australia to Papua New Guinea, Molly Marsh starts to explore the most unexplored country on Earth. By reading articles on her tablet, she learns PNG is one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet with over 200,000 species of plants and animals. The massive mountains and thick jungle isolate most of the villages from each other, resulting in over 800 languages and 1,000 cultures across the country.

But Molly soon learns real life is even more exciting than what she reads in science journals. Shortly after she lands in PNG, she befriends a blue butterfly as big as her face. A few moments later, she meets Yosia, a being even more magical than herself and a new chapter of her life opens with a bang!

Join her as she teams up with Michael, the boy from next door, as they put their super smart science minds together to discover mysteries even the adults don't know about. Accompanied by a three-meter-long lizard named Ted, they discover something in the belly of a volcano. Intrigued, they climb down and find a bright turquoise lake amidst a remarkable collection of plants and animals that should not exist. They struggle to understand the connections between these, and many other strange things before they tackle the most difficult question of all - what to do with this knowledge.

Reader reviews:

"Even though the target audience of this book are kids, I enjoyed it very much. The pace of the book is fast and fluid. There's no boring chapter rather there's something going on all the time. I'm certain the next book will be just as fun to read." - Fifi

"A well-written adventure presenting Molly who likes to travel and explore. The book is all about facing problems and solving them through teamwork. As I read, I learn to know Molly as a round main character, who would be admired by any reader, regardless of age. The writing style kept me engaged, through and short chapters and engaging dialogues that encourage you to keep reading one chapter after the other without being bored. The story could be enjoyable with important lessons for life not only for children but also for adults like me whose curiosity is driven by reading books as this one." - Shumel

"Imaginative, accessible and fun. Molly's imagination is what made me like this book. I think the cover leaves a bit to be wanted, but the story is fun and the chapters are short and sweet and accessible to younger readers. A compelling, easy read." - Haven

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