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Opal Tree Press

Structural review of your website

Structural review of your website

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We will review your website for £80. 

What you will get from this:

* Advice on the overall structure and organisation of your website including: (1) how easy it is for visitors to quickly understand what your site is about (2) the overall organisation of your content (3) names and positioning of tabs, (4) the theme and colours you are using.

* Detailed suggestions about the content on each tab including: (1) arrangement of the content, (2) use of colour and spacing, (3) visual appeal (4) attention to any grammatical errors that may be there and (5) anything you could highlight more strongly.

* Links to comparative authors' websites and what we think works in their favour.


"Having known and worked with Val for a few months, she very kindly agreed to review my website.  My website, created over a year ago, needed a few changes, but I wasn't really sure what to do exactly, so she gave me a simple one page suggestions which were very helpful and insightful suggestions for simple changes that would enhance useability and content. Would highly recommend." (Lara Doherty, Founder of The Motivation Clinic)

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