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The Gaia Machine (Book 3: LIBERATOR)

The Gaia Machine (Book 3: LIBERATOR)

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The Gaia Machine: Book Three

Convinced she is no longer safe in Spain; Ophelia makes a run for it with a group of activists and an intelligence officer whose intentions are unclear. Join their fight for survival against an army of two-meter-high spider-bots, followed by a perilous return to Paris where they face a fresh set of dangers. Watch them unite with the founders of the resistance and plot the destruction of The Gaia Machine to reveal the power brokers behind the digital curtain. With nothing left to lose, our heroes are more determined than ever to succeed. But success, they learn, is not what they expected.

Reader reviews:

"Liberator by V.M. Andrews is the third book in the series and concludes the story. It's a disturbing dystopian story where the world is controlled by a supercomputer under the thumb of the Ruling Elites. The story really grabs and keeps the reader's attention. The characters are strong and well developed. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend the series." - Louis

"This is the final book of the series. From the first book to the last, I was hooked. The twists in this book, while not unexpected, were well done. The character development is great. If you like a hauntingly realistic dystopian story, even with all the science fiction mixed in, you will love these three books." - M.J Evans

"Loved all three books. The only thing lacking was the page breaks between chapters to make searches easier. Waiting for the The Gaia Machine." - J.V.

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