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Molly's Magical Adventures (Book 2: Jungle Magic)

Molly's Magical Adventures (Book 2: Jungle Magic)

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Molly's Magical Adventures: Book Two

Following their discoveries in the volcano, Molly and Michael decide to collect a water sample from the cave inside the mine. But fate, it seems, has other plans for them. Join their incredible journey through the jungle where they stumble through an invisible shield around a top-secret research laboratory. Inside, they find something mysterious that will lead them on an even stranger journey, riding the mycelium network under the ground. See the plants and animals through their eyes, hear the curious sounds and discover what it feels like to be in the presence of the most magical being of all - Adali the bird.

Reader reviews:

"Like with the first book, I enjoyed it very much. New things are happening every time. The setting of this book is the next day from when they discovered the volcano. It's action-packed and filled with information about the jungle. It's also more mature but still good for kids." - Fifi

"Like the first book in the series, I thoroughly enjoyed this one too. I am looking forward to the third installation. I will not say much about Jungle Magic other than if you are into authors like E.B. White or Roald Dahl, then this book and the series is right for your taste, or up your alley. I highly recommend it for both young readers and adults, who I know enjoy reading these kinds of books too." - Penn

"Book one set the scene, introduced the characters and gave us a great flavour of PNG, as well as treating us to more than a few magical surprises. But there is a dark undertone within this heaven-like place which continues here in book two. The darkness is one that bears a relevance to today’s environmental issues. And Molly is determined to get to the bottom of it. I love that Molly is curious and sometimes headstrong, but shows great empathy while maintaining a sense of innocence; she’s very likeable." - Elsa

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