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The Gaia Machine (Book 2: FUGITIVE)

The Gaia Machine (Book 2: FUGITIVE)

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The Gaia Machine: Book Two
Now a fugitive, and in transit with a traumatized surrogate, Ophelia cannot rest, and she cannot go back. She can only go forward, to Paris, where she meets the leaders of the resistance and many more who want to destroy The Gaia Machine. She travels to an ancient part of Spain where she sees the full consequences of the surrogacy trade and experiences the horror of soaring temperatures and lack of water. Combined, these factors have made the people desperate. But desperation, she learns, is merely the beginning of a revolution.

Reader reviews:

"After reading the first book, I couldn't wait for the second. It did not disappoint as the tension, action, and suspense remained high. Dystopian readers will love this book." - Lord T

"Fugitive by V.M. Andrews is the second book in the series. All three books need to be read in order and the story is such that you will want to read them one after the other without stopping. The series has a unique dystopian story line with many twists and turns that really keeps the reader's attention. The characters are strong and well developed. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend the series." - Louis

"If you read book one, you must continue the story here. Ophelia is just beginning to learn the cost of compliance, and the cost of change." - Mystee

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