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The Gaia Machine (Book 1: CAPTIVE)

The Gaia Machine (Book 1: CAPTIVE)

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The Gaia Machine: Book One

By the year 2120, the world has changed dramatically. Few plants or animals have survived climate change and the human population has dropped to 3 billion. For those who live in the affluent northern region, life is made comfortable by an artificial intelligence called The Gaia Machine. But for people living in the southern region, life is tough. So tough, they must trade their young women as surrogates in exchange for fresh water.

Ophelia Alsop, a privileged woman from the United Kingdom, and long-time conscientious objector to the surrogacy trade, takes matters into her own hands by becoming pregnant with her husband. For this, she is punished by the invisible hand of the law in a manner only The Gaia Machine could execute. When she speaks out against the injustice, she is abducted and imprisoned in a bizarre underworld where she discovers the shocking truth behind the surrogacy trade. And so much more. The question is - what's she going to do about it?

Reader reviews:

"The most disturbing thing about the world in this book is not that there is total micromanagement of humanity by AI, widespread environmental collapse, organ trade and surrogacy systems, but that the future depicted here is easily imaginable for all of us. If you're a fan of slow burning thrillers like The Handmaid's Tale, V.M. Andrews' series will be right up your alley. Fast paced and highly recommended!" - James

"I guarantee that from its very first page you’ll fall captive to its eerie spell. The writing is smooth, descriptive yet lean, and the plot points never feel forced. And just when you think you’ve got things scoped out, you’ll encounter another twist. Like the best SF, it takes our world and extends it into the future, a future where the same trends we encounter today play out to their toxic endpoints. By the time you’re finished, all those Zombie hordes will seem mild by comparison." - Nancy

"I was interested by the plot of this story, and decided to read it. At first, I was a bit unsure of what I was reading due to the intentional lack of information that the author gave the reader. But as the story goes on, more surprises are revealed and that does an excellent work of keeping you reading. If you’re looking for a thriller/suspense, this is for you." - Ken

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