Collection: Constellation Pegasus

A new series of science fiction novellas exploring alien worlds

Set in the Pegasus Constellation, this new series of science fiction novellas follows the plight of Su'Real, a genetically engineered being who can transit from one planet to another in an instant. It's fun, until something goes terribly wrong.

The story world

Su'Real is one of many genetically engineered beings from Okada who use their planet's electromagnetic energy to travel to other worlds in the blink of an eye. Created for one purpose, the covert collection of data from the worlds she visits, Su'Real longs for the freedom to explore the galaxy on her own terms. But when that opportunity comes, she finds herself alone in a cold, hostile world where she's not welcome. The more she learns about the place, the more her life is at risk. Should she remain and fight for her life with her beloved by her side? Or should she escape to another unknown world?

So far, readers have said:

  • A really entertaining read
  • Great plot twists, suspense and cliffhanger!
  • A journey into wonder and an easy read
  • Reminiscent of Arthur C. Clarke
  • Engrossing from start to finish
  • Written with substance and expressiveness
  • An enchanting story that will pull you in
  • Keeps your imagination running and wanting more
  • An original premise with a romance wrapped inside a mystery
  • A sci-fi spy thriller with unusually good character development
  • A fascinating world filled with high drama and complex, engaging characters
  • Combines classic elements of the genre with some new ones
  • It compelled me to read it all in a few days
  • An excellent foundation for an exciting new sci-fi saga