Collection: books for creative entrepreneurs

Did you know the creator economy is currently valued at over $100 billion? And with the emergence of web 3.0, the blockchain, and various A.I. tools, it's only going to expand. For entrepreneurs, it's exciting, but with so many options, it can also be confusing.

There is so much information, a lot of hype, many platforms to use and numerous paths that could be followed, all of which can make it difficult to narrow your focus. And for those of us who are gifted with wild minds that want to explore everything, narrowing our focus is even more difficult.

This is where a systematic approach can help, and you'll find it in this new series of books for creative entrepreneurs. Written by an expert in creativity, with loads of experience as a solopreneur, these books will offer you:

  1. Greater clarity on what you want to achieve, and how you want to do it
  2. A vigorous sense of purpose with a structured framework 
  3. Results that will delight you
  4. A system for measuring your performance over time
  5. The ability to pivot when things change

If you feel ready to forge your own path through the creator economy, and you'd like someone to coach you through it, tap on the images below and explore the options. 

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