Collection: Books to inspire creativity and innovation

A collection of nonfiction books offering insights, hints and tips on creativity

Filled with nuggets of insight and proven methods to help readers develop their own creative process, the books in this series form a great toolkit. They introduce the reader to creativity: what it is, how it works, and how to find their own way of developing their creative practice.

Drawing upon practical examples and contemporary research, readers will understand themselves as creators, identify methods for structuring their own creative work, and see their creative projects through to completion. 

These books also contain interviews with professional artists and writers who share their own sources of inspiration and the barriers and enablers they experience during their creative process.

Readers' comments:

  • An uplifting and educational journey
  • Helps readers fulfill their creative potential
  • Distinguished by the combination of research and practical advice
  • A beautiful and extraordinary book
  • Offers advice that applies across the board
  • Takes you through the fundamentals of being a creative person
  • Gives practical advice about increasing creativity and productivity
  • Delves into the role of the intuitive mind
  • Well research, fact-drive, concise and educational
  • Offers great lessons to apply in both personal and professional development
  • In depth, well-rounded with great quotes
  • Good for all types of creators
  • The creative mind explained
  • I wish someone had forced me to read this when I was an undergrad
  • A beginner's guide to unlocking their inner artist
  • Val writes in a comforting tone, exploring your artistic space with you
  • A therapeutic aid to practitioners in a wide variety of roles
  • Taught me how to harness my imagination and do something productive
  • Solidly researched, well written and inspiring, like Silva's work
  • Ties creativity to both directed chaos and harmonic balance
  • Offers universal techniques applicable to any endeavour
  • It's an outstanding book on creativity
  • Anyone who desires a better version of themself should read this book
  • Makes a compelling case for taking time to meditate
  • I really enjoyed the 'Navigating the Labyrinth' exercise
  • I would love to see this book in every doctor's surgery and school
  • Loved the sections on flow and getting into the creative zone
  • I like the exercises and practical methods to get into a creative zone
  • Good exercises for dealing with mental blocks, negative self talk, etc.
  • Deep dive into the creative mind with actionable exercises that get results
  • Jam-packed with ideas and methods for stirring your creativity and expresses the importance of sharing that creativity with others.

Dive in and explore the books below. If you feel you need more, consider our creativity coaching and course.