Timeout can help refill the well of creativity

Timeout can help refill the well of creativity

Prolific author of books in the mystery, thriller and suspense genre, Calder Garret is halfway through writing the fifth book in his current series. When I asked him for an update, this is what he said:

"It seems that over the past few weeks, I’ve had one interruption after another. Any progress I was making on my latest crime novel came to a grinding halt. 

A strange thing happened in the days away from the work. Although I did have a kind of synopsis of the remaining chapters mapped out on paper, I no longer had a feel, or any confidence, in where the story was going moving forward. I had, as they say, ‘lost the plot’. 

What to do then?

I was sure I could hear a multitude of voices saying ‘Plough on! Whatever you do, don’t  quit!’ and I’m sure a part of me would have benefited from listening. But, in the end, I chose to do exactly the opposite. I invested more empty time into the break and explored what benefits this writer’s block might bring.

I took time to catch up with housework, watch some engaging television and, of all things, learn some German. Happily enough, any issues I was having with plot and characters seemed to drop by the wayside. New ideas for my storyline emerged, and I now have several new and exciting directions to follow. My sense of myself as a writer is very much renewed and reinvigorated!"

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