Pulling it all together and giving back

Pulling it all together and giving back

Since my first book was published in 2014 I have been on a massive learning curve about the publishing industry, the creator economy, and the various tools and technology available to independent creators, all of which have been in a constant state of flux.

During those eight years, I also documented changes in my own creative processes, interviewed professional writers and artists about their processes, and published more books about creativity and innovation. It was a mind expanding journey that required me to put aside everything that had given me a cozy life:

  • The work I had done as a management consultant in the healthcare sector got pushed aside for a job in the arts sector so I could learn more about the creator economy.
  • The work I had done in the discipline of organisational development got pushed aside for research, evaluation and analyst jobs because they were easier and left me with more energy for my creative projects.
  • My passion for working in organisations gave way to my ambition to forge my own path as an independent author, artist and publisher.

Friends and colleagues noticed the change in me, and the volume of books and art I was producing. Several approached me for advice on how to do the same and I was delighted to help them. By helping them, I learned even more, and found myself drawing upon some of the older skills I had developed in my professional life.

Suddenly, it all came together in a rather obvious way. It was one of those 'aha' moments in which I knew I had to bring all this knowledge and experience together. So my business partner and I have decided to launch some niche services to support inspired people:

Courses and coaching for creative people - this includes people who want to establish a regular creative practice, and people who have a practice but feel the need for a change of focus. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned creative, we can coach you into a state of inspired action.

Coaching for entrepreneurs entering the creator economy - this is for anyone who has an idea for a business but doesn't know where to start. Drawing upon her own experience and credentials as a business coach, Val has a coaching framework that helps inspired people to clarify their big idea, find their niche, conduct their own market research, narrow their focus, master their message, get clear on their financial needs, desires and money mindset, set smart goals and action plans to met them, and sustain their momentum over the long term. It's a powerful and exciting journey.

Author support services - working with both published and unpublished authors, we offer everything from broad manuscript reviews, to detailed line edits, book formatting and publishing, book cover designs and reviews of their websites to ensure their books have the best chance of success.

We know that December is a strange time of year to launch something new because most people are winding down for the year and thinking about how they will juggle their family commitments over the festive season.

But once the wrapping paper and boxes have been stuffed into the recycling bin, and the last of the mulled wine has been gulped, and everyone is back to work and school, what happens then? Most people just get on with it, allowing life to carry them forward.

For some people, though, it can be a tough time; an anti-climax of sorts because they have not yet clarified how they will start that side hussle they've been thinking about, or write that book, or start that business that's been buzzing around the back of their mind.

If you have a burning passion to do something creative, or start a new business, or write a book, but you're not sure where to start - start with us. We will help you get clear on what you want and coach you into a state of inspired action that will surprise and delight you.

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