Mining childhood memories

Mining childhood memories

One of the best things about having a regular creative practice is that your sources of inspiration are already inside you. Every experience, thought, feeling and memory is potential fodder for the creative process.

When coaching other creative professionals, I often suggest they mine their childhood memories to find sources of inspiration. But it was only in recent years that I recalled a time in my life (between the ages of 6 and 8 years) when I lived in Papua New Guinea.

Although the memories were no more than blobs of colour, a few interesting sounds and the sensation of patting my dog, I used those memories as the foundation upon which to construct a story about a 10 year old girl called Molly who travels to Papua New Guinea with her parents. There she meets 12 year old Michael and together, they put their super smart minds together to explore the natural environment in which they find themselves.

The series of books, titled "Molly's Magical Adventures" has been loved by everyone who has read them. More importantly, I absolutely loved writing them. The mysteries the kids discover deep within the jungle are beyond anything they could have imagined so they feel compelled to explore it and understand it. In doing so, they create a revolution, transforming the place and everyone within it.

Learn more about the series of books: Molly's Magical Adventures

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