Exploring the galaxy

Exploring the galaxy

The Pegasus Constellation is only 20 light years away from our solar system, which is nothing, compared to the vastness of our universe. We humans have not yet explored our neighboring constellation, but as a writer of science fiction, I am fascinated by it.

About six months ago, I decided to do something with my fascination, so I mapped out a series of 12 novellas that would be set in the Pegasus Constellation. Yes, 12 novellas. Seriously, I've created the artwork for the book covers, that's how committed I am.

While writing Transit, the first book in the series, it occured to me that I did not want to write a classic epic about good guys versus bad guys. Rather, I wanted my storyworld and characters to be complex and multifaceted and motivated by needs that even they don't fully understand. So far, my readers' reviewers seem to confirm that I've achieved my goal.

As I continue to write Intrepid, the second book in the series, I'm feeling the flow of the story. It's unfolding effortlessly as a continuation of the first book. I can see the landscape, and my characters wandering through it. And I can sense the conflict brewing between the different species. The question is - what will happen next?

If you enjoy reading science fiction, download Transit for free, from my Bookfunnel account. 

Reader reviews of 'Transit'

"If you're a fan of hard science fiction, then you'll want to check out this novel. It's a wonderful tale of exploration and discovery set in worlds that are just as fantastic."

"The storytelling is reminiscent of Arthur C Clarke and it's an easy read. You're sure to find yourself engrossed from start to finish."

"The book's story and character development will make sure your imagination is constantly running and asking for more."

"It’s a well written story through and through. Not only is the writing clear, concise, and crisp. Toward the end, the action builds up to a page turning climax that leaves you with a question at the end. In other words, it has a cliffhanger ending, but Transit is the first part of a series."

"A sci-fi spy thriller. This is a cliffhanger in a series and I look forward to more. The formatting is terrific and the writer's style of character building is unusually good for Sci-fi. You will enjoy this novella. I highly recommend this one."

"Set in our galaxy’s Pegasus Constellation, Transit by VM Andrews is the first in what is sure to be a compelling, incredibly exciting series of new science fiction novellas."

"The author has taken her time to imagine and create a fascinating world filled with high drama and complex, engaging characters. I can’t wait to read the next in the series!"

"A good science fiction novel that combines classic elements of the genre with some original ones that compelled me to read it in a couple of days. The writing style is smooth and gradually reveals all the secrets of the story."

"This first book laid an excellent foundation for building an exciting new sci-fi saga. I look forward to reading it."

A paperback version of the book can also be purchased from Amazon, worldwide.


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