Exploring art with technology

Exploring art with technology

As a long time explorer of technology in visual art, I have found the last 6 months incredible exciting. Various text-to-image tools have opened the doors to new possibilities for creative people like me.

My favourite tool, Stable Diffusion, has enabled me to create images that explore the recesses of my own imagination AND the vast knowledge base of the tool itself. By using keywords that are meaningful to me, I have created a collection of artworks that I love.

But it's not always as simple as clicking a button and watching the magic appear. About 1 in 5 images are suitable for either selling commercially or using in my own creative projects. And about 1 in 20 images are so stunning they almost knock my socks off.  

My current project explores what we mean by colour, gender and humanity. Instead of defining ourselves as "black" or "white" could we be other colours as well? Instead of defining ourselves as "male" or "female" could we be a fluid combination of "masculine" and "feminine" traits? When we call ourselves "human" are we really so sure we know what that means? Is it possible there are other human-like creatures on our planet that look a bit different to us?

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