Creative Spirit

Creative Spirit

It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of our new online course, Creative Spirit. Building on the success of our creativity books, this new course does a deep dive into how we can integrate our creative practice with our spiritual practice while boosting our productivity and wellbeing.

Some of the things explored in our course include:

1. Guided meditations at develop the skills of visualization and memory

2. New insights into motivations for creating and who you are as a creator

3. Techniques for breaking through barriers to creativity

4. Exercises for quickly getting into the creative zone

5. Dimensions of wellbeing and how these impact creativity

6. Sustaining the momentum of creativity over the long haul

7. Pulling it all together to create a plan for transformation.

8. A case study: Valerie ANDREWS, course creator and founder of Opal Tree Press talks about her journey from fragmentation to integration of her creative practice and spiritual practice and the impact this has had on her wellbeing.

Check out the course, Creative Spirit, today!

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