About us

Our mission is to ignite your imagination! Whether that happens through our books, coaching, courses, advice, or support, we don't mind. As long as we ignite your imagination, we're happy. Why? When people activate their imagination, they access loads of other goodies like happiness, optimism, and the ability to innovate. This, we know, is vital to our survival as individuals, as communities, and as a species, which is why we can't stop talking about it.

Who are we?

Valerie Andrews: With a background in the health sciences and academia, Valerie has had a lifelong interest in the impact of creativity on personal wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. She has authored seven books on creativity and several science fiction novels. She is also the founder of Opal Tree Press.

Andrew Malcolm May: After several years living in rural Western Australia, Andrew has settled for a quiet life in the outer suburbs of Perth, the state’s capital city. With a background in film and television, Andrew has also written and produced a number of short films and has written several feature length screenplays. Andrew is the chief editor for Opal Tree Press.