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Opal Tree Press

Transit: Constellation Pegasus (book 1)

Transit: Constellation Pegasus (book 1)

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Embark on an exhilarating journey through wonder!

Okada, a rogue planet in the Pegasus Constellation, has a long history of harnessing its electromagnetic energy to teleport its intelligence agents to other worlds. Su'Real is one of many agents genetically engineered for the sole purpose of collecting data from other worlds. Where and when she travels is not up to her, but her planet's overlords. A uniquely curious and imaginative agent, Su'Real longs for the freedom to explore the galaxy on her own terms. When an accident occurs during her transit, she finds herself alone in a cold, hostile world with no hope of returning to her home planet. The more she learns about this strange place, the more she understands her life is at risk.

If you love space sagas that explore alien worlds, this is the place to start!

The paperback version can also be purchased from Amazon, worldwide, or from any bookstore using this ISBN: 978-1919636399.

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