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Opal Tree Press

Beyond Blue: Creative approaches to releasing grief and flying free

Beyond Blue: Creative approaches to releasing grief and flying free

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About this book

Grief is often associated with the death of a loved one. However, there are many kinds of living losses which can cause grief, and a person's journey to recovery is as unique as the circumstances causing the grief. This book explains how creativity can be used as an aid to recovery and reconstructing life with more meaning and purpose after a significant loss. And for people who are already established in their creative practice, this book offers a number of unique exercises to enhance their approach.

Reader reviews:

"As a biologist, I really liked the organizing metaphor of the butterfly: revealed in this book as both a specific trauma and a cellular miracle. If you are having trouble getting through incapacitating grief, don't hesitate. Just get and read through this short, well-written, insightful book. You may well discover that the steps to re-capacitation are both doable and invigorating. Highly recommended!" - Daniel

"This is an awesome, well written, easy to read and valuable resource for anyone who has ever experienced grief. Although not a very long book in terms of the number of pages it contains, this little book is packed with relatable stories and suggestions for managing one's own grief through the process of using one's innate, creative abilities." - Augustina

"This is a useful and powerful book, especially if you are willing to embrace and make use of your creative side. After all, none of us get out of this life without experiencing loss and grief. Learning how to cope with these painful times through our own creativity just might spark something special to grow from within us that we never expected: out of grief and loss may emerge new insights into life. 5-Stars!" - CLopez

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