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Opal Tree Press

Jungle Magic: Molly's Magical Adventures (book 2)

Jungle Magic: Molly's Magical Adventures (book 2)

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Book Two:

Following their discoveries in the volcano, Molly and Michael decide to collect a water sample from the cave inside the mine. But fate, it seems, has other plans for them. Join their incredible journey through the jungle where they stumble through an invisible shield around a top-secret research laboratory. Inside, they find something mysterious that will lead them on an even stranger journey, riding the mycelium network under the ground. See the plants and animals through their eyes, hear the curious sounds and discover what it feels like to be in the presence of the most magical being of all - Adali the bird.

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The paperback version of this book can be purchased from Amazon, worldwide, and from any bookstore using the ISBN: 978-1919636313.

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