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With a background in the health sciences and business, Valerie Andrews has a lifelong interest in the impact of creativity on personal wellbeing, and productivity in the workplace. She has authored five books on creativity and developed an online course titled 'Creative Spirit' which helps students access their imagination and enhance their creative practice. She also offers creativity coaching to people who are dedicated to developing their creative practice, and to entreprepreneurs working in the creator economy. 

Opal Tree Press

Founded in 2016, Opal Tree Press has one purpose - the ignite our customers' imagination. Whether this happens through reading our fiction, or our nonfiction books about creativity, or our courses or coaching, we don't mind. Why? Well, we believe that when people access their imagination, they access loads of other goodies like: happiness, optimism, and the ability to innovate. This, we know, is vital to our survival as individuals, as communities, and as a species, which is why we can't stop talking about it. 

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